Managing 30,000 online customer service surveys annually for Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

APD undertakes over 30,000 online customer satisfaction surveys each year for Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, one of the UK’s largest vehicle leasing brokers.

As an online business with no face-to-face contact with its customers, Nationwide turned to APD to help it build up a better idea of the customer service its own internal team and its 300 franchised dealer suppliers provide to its customers.

APD implemented an extensive and online bespoke customer feedback process through its Voice360 outbound research dashboard. It incorporates a traffic light system where urgent issues are flagged red to indicate immediate action is required, whilst amber highlights any less immediate issues needing addressing.

The bespoke customer survey covers everything from the car order process and delivery experience and a 12-month follow-up survey on how happy the customer is with their vehicle. It also asks relevant questions around its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance obligations to ensure it ‘treats customers fairly’ at all times.

Nationwide non-executive director Keith Hawes said:

“We believe we are leading the way in the vehicle broker sector by measuring our customer’s experience and supplier’s service in more detail. This investment with APD enables us to connect with our online buyers whilst adhering to our FCA obligations which sit at the heart of our business”.

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